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Turning Scientific Dreams into Commercial Realities

Discover the potential of your research with Manuscript B.


Our vision is to be the leading force behind deep tech success in the Baltics.

At Manuscript B, we bridge the gap between scientific research and the commercial world. We're here to transform innovations into thriving startups.

Petri Dish


We Provide a Comprehensive Suite of Services.


Unlock the commercial potential of your research. With Manuscript B, you gain a partner dedicated to turning your scientific endeavors into thriving businesses.

Scientist using microscope


Collaborate with us and witness the transformation of research into market leaders. We offer transparent equity deals and a commitment to mutual growth.


From mentorship to resources, Manuscript B is your ally. Let's build, grow, and succeed together.

Drawing on a Board
Science Lab


In the rapidly evolving landscape of deep tech, there's a chasm between scientific research and its commercial realization. Manuscript B bridges this gap, acting as a catalyst to transform innovative research into thriving startups. We recognize the untapped potential within the Baltic scientific community and provide a platform where ideas are nurtured, collaborations are forged, and visions become realities. Manuscript B, being a part of the Kandzeras Foundation's Ventures arm, is a committed partners' network working to support and promote Baltic deep tech innovations.


Unified Force

At Manuscript B, we're strengthened by a network of distinguished partners. Together, we champion the mission of transforming deep tech research into practical innovations. These collaborations are the cornerstone of our success, propelling the future of Baltic deep tech.

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